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Formed in response to a real need for a high quality sex doll, was started in 2013 to address this need. We have extensive experience in the sex industry and are committed to providing the perfect doll, tailored to your own individual needs and preferences. Shop on our user friendly site and see the extensive selection of gorgeous girls provided to fulfill your every fantasy. Our dolls are all made with silicone, which is a natural, safe material that ensures each doll feels like the real thing. We aim to provide the best sexual experience possible. Our dolls are premium quality and semi-inflatable, which ensures they feel authentic and have arms and legs that are bendable and easily arranged into many different sexual positions. Our semi-inflatable dolls are also durable (unlike the typical fully inflatable dolls, which have a tendency to pop at awkward moments) and easy to carry and store. This makes them ideal for travel or use outside of the home. Our sex dolls are made to last a minimum of three to five years and are extremely durable. Not only do they have lifelike features and individual body types and hair colors and styles, they also feel as real as they look. The vagina and anus are also made with silicone and will make your sexual experience feel authentic and extremely pleasurable.

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